Went to a wedding today.

It rather…put the Sign of Three into perspective. 

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If I were to do writing comissions (like fanfic writings, you pay me some small amount and I write you a drabble or a fic for whatever pairing/scenario you want from a fandom I write for) would anyone be interested?

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Anonymous → wait moffat said gay men wouldnt have men as roommates?

Well, he was talking about Sherlock specifically, but yes. 

He wouldn’t be living with a man if he thought men were interesting.”

He also says this charming quote: 

"If he was asexual, there would be no tension in that, no fun in that – it’s someone who abstains who’s interesting." Because apparently asexual people and demisexual people and people not interested in sex aren’t interesting. 

The source is The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2012/jan/20/steven-moffat-sherlock-doctor-who. 

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do you ever just connect with that one fictional character even though your life is nothing like theirs somehow you just understand them completely and get what they’re going through

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My review of “The Empty Hearse.”

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Can we talk about how in “His Last Vow” John says he’s a veteran of “Bart’s bloody hospital”? 

Unless I”m misunderstanding, I assume by Bart’s hospital he means the events of The Reichenbach Fall

which just made my feels skyrocket, because that, for him, was as traumatic as any of the wartime BATTLES he was in. 

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So, I totally met Metatron today

He’s a Sherlockian, and was at the Baker Street Babes event I attended today. 

Also, he complimented me on the article I wrote for the Baker Street Journal (the foremost journal of Sherlockian scholarship, if I do say so myself). 

My fandoms are colliding and it’s all pretty amazing. 

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thescarfofsherlock → Hi, I need a shock blanket. To be precise, I need to talk about the new Sherlock episode, if you don't mind? Everyone seems to be happy about it, but I'm upset about so many things *sighs* I love Moriarty, but I'm not sure I want him back and I hate what they've done with Mary. Btw, your blog is amazing, how is it possible I wasn't following you before? Love seeing Stargate fans on tumblr, that show was my childhood

I don’t mind at all! I”m happy to talk about the episode with you. 

I’m upset about quite a lot of things as well - and, from my experience on Tumblr, I think quite a few people are upset as well. I’ve seen a lot of criticisms of the plot going around, and lots of discussion of plot holes and inconsistencies. Sherlockians are smart, in my experience - they notice when there’s something wrong, and they point it out!

Still, despite all the unfortunate things we don’t like in season 3 and especially HLV - Sherlock is still Sherlock. There’s still this show we love, and the plot of the last episode may have been lackluster, but we still have the characters we love. We have the phenomenal acting by…well, everybody, but mostly by Benedict Cumberbatch. We have this world they’ve created and that we’ve fallen in love with. And what I”ve discovered about being part of a fandom is that you can make the story your own. Moffat and Gatiss aren’t gods. They call themselves fanfic writers. They’re writing an adaptation, and they’ve messed up. But, just like them - we have power. We have these characters we fell in love with and this relationship between John and Sherlock that we fell in love with - and if you feel that the writers aren’t doing justice to the thing you love, don’t accept it. Write your own version. Tell your own story, and in your own mind, imagine how it could have gone. Seek out fanfic. Make yourself heard. Part of being a fan is that you’re not a passive consumer - you’re active and you’re creative. You can change the things you don’t like and refuse to accept them. You have that power. 

And you can always hold on to the things you do love, the things you felt were good. I mean, sure, this episode fucked up quite a bit. The relationship between John and Sherlock just…wasn’t there, somehow. (Or, at least, on John’s end it just….meh). The plot had holes in it (SO MANY HOLES Magnussen makes no sense). John forgiving Mary was idiotic. All that stuff. 

But….there were still the good things. Mostly for me what stood out was Sherlock’s love of John. That was patently, visibly clear throughout the entire episode. It’s one of the things that got me through, because one of the things I”m invested in in this show is the relationship between John and Sherlock - and there’s something powerful about how much Sherlock CARES. Sure, John may not have acted like he cared, but a)I think that’s something that’ll change in future seasons and b)this is your story as much as Moffat’s. In my world, John cared, he really truly did. And we will see that. 

Also, if it makes you feel better, I”m 100% positive Moriarty’s not alive. Because Moriarty being alive would be the easiest and stupidest plot twist to pull - and the cleverest plot twist would be that it’s NOT Moriarty. I mean, after all, when have Sherlock cliffhangers been what we expected? They’re called plot twists because they’re TWISTS. So…it’s not actually Moriarty. 

As for Mary…well, look, my fingers are crossed that we’ll find out more about her, but I honestly think that the blame lies not in Mary’s character but in….the screwy plot that makes no sense. Does that make it easier to rationalize everything? 

Also - thank you so much for coming to me with your concerns. I truly appreciate it, and thank you for your kind words about my blog! 

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Is it bad that season 3 has aired and I’m still feeling emotionally compromised by season 2?

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HLV rewatch: Continuity/logic. The gloves are off.


Okay, nitty-gritty venting will commence below. Negativity about continuity and logic problems, you have been warned.

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This hurts me so bad. Sherlock and John have known each other for years, and throughout this entire time, Sherlock never once thought that John accepted him as a friend. Sherlock always thought someone was better (Mike Stamford, Greg Lestrade), even though they lived together, and solved case after case together. John has always cared for Sherlock equally as much as Mary, and Sherlock has never noticed a bit of it.

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That was totally what was ACTUALLY happening in that scene

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It’s seriously gotten to the point where I think Sherlock is actually more “human” (whatever that means) than John

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Reblog if you don’t think Moriarty’s still alive
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Yeah so looking back series 3 makes no sense:

*throws hands in air* nobody let Moffat write plots again, please. 

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