Okay, Investigating Time (woops, didn’t intend that pun as I typed)

So, we recently got this tweet from Supernatural set designer Jerry Wanek:


So, me being the obsessive fan that I am and clearly I have nothiing better to do, I went through and looked at screencaps, checking out the wallpaper and screens of both motels (and hey! they actually look kind of similar). Here are some very good caps that show them off:




http://screencapped.net/tv/supernatural/displayimage.php?album=1387&pid=1516690#top_display_media (on the right, behind Henry).

So, something to do with time? HMM. well, the designs on both motel rooms DO kind of look like hourglasses, which may be in fitting with the theme of ‘as time goes by’ but makes me wonder whether this episode maybe takes place BEFORE the previous episodes that we saw, not after (which would explain the lack of continuity with Cas and all that crap?) Given all of the flashbacks we’ve already had this season, maybe t hey’re not actually telling the story in chronological order? Maybe this is just wishfull thining?

Also, can anyone actually read the name of the motel in this screencap? I can’t make it out: 


I wish I could actually insert photos into the post without having to download them first, but stupid new tumblr features. So, thoughts?,

(the other option is that they kind of look like bars on a prison - a really weird prison, with a chain link fence around it rather than bars but…I dunno).

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